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When you say Emilia-Romagna and spontaneously ferment bubbles, many natural wine enthusiasts come up with the name Mirco Mariotti. This laughing guy and former biologist inherited a small winery in DOC Bosco Eliceo from his father in 2009. This seaside area is a unique terroir with a sandy subsoil and an ideal place for growing the Fortana variety, which can also be found at Mirco. Some of its vineyards are up to 100 years old and on the original rootstocks, which gives its wines an immense blub and minerality. In addition to the autochthonous Fortana variety, we can also find Montuni or Trebbiano here. Mirco uses them all for his juicy sparkling wines.

So how does he do them? The basis is healthy grapes from the mentioned varieties in organic quality, which are harvested exclusively by hand in early October, when they provide a higher acid content. The pressed must is left macerated for 1-2 days on the skins, while the fermentation lasts about two weeks and takes place in stainless steel tanks. Then the wine is moved to concrete tanks, where it waits until bottling. Then it's time for the bubbles. Secondary (spontaneous) fermentation begins with the addition of fresh grape must that has been chilled until now. The crown is put on it all and it's done. The wine is not blasted, so keep a little more wildness and fullness.

Instagram's wines are full of Instagram, so we didn't like it and we decided to taste them too ... And the result? "Wow, we have to offer you too." So here we have them.

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Mariotti - FAR 2022
Mariotti - CENTRO Orange 2022
Mariotti - Surlié 2022
Mariotti - Lè Turnè 2021
Mariotti - Sèt e mèz 2021
Mariotti - Smarazen 2022
Mariotti - Smarazen 2021

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