Pekařská 40 - opening hours

Tuesday - Friday: 1 p.m. - 7 p.m.


Showroom, shop, warehouse and a place for public tastings... all of the above was necessary for our ideal space, which we eventually found in the middle of Pekařská street, close to St. Anne's University Hospital.




It's not too big, neither too small, it's authentic and honest - same as the wines we offer. You can't have a glass here, but we do have a lot of bottles in our wine fridge, so you can stop by while we are open, and buy a bottle ready to be opened for dinner or a party at your friends house.




How to get to us?

It's fairly easy to reach us on foot or by car. From tram station Šilingrovo náměstí (trams 5, 6 and 12) it's about 3 minutes walk, from tram station St. Anne´s hospital (trams 5 and 6) it's just a minute. Depending on which direction you´ll come from, you can either grab a couple tacos or the best donuts in town. If you are traveling by car, which we recommend if you buy six or more bottles, you can park in front of the shop for a couple of minutes.


More info...

Cash or card payments are accepted.

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