Quantum Winery

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Quantum - Enigma Merlot MMXIX
Quantum - Chaos 2 Nemesis Weiss MMXXI
Quantum - Dekonstruktion Weiss MMXXI
Quantum - K-Korea MMXXI
Quantum - WittgenStein MMXXI
Quantum - Chop Suey MMXXI

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Quantum winery is a "one-man-show" wine project by Florian Schuhmann-Irschik, who has decided to produce "revolutionary", absolutely effortless, spontaneously fermented, non-sulfurized and mostly macerated wines in the village of Maissau in the Weinviertel region. Only grape must from organically or biodynamically grown grapes is the basis of its wines, which are, as they say, have a slightly "funky" touch. They are characteristic, playful, spontaneous and yet completely flawless! They also add artistically tuned labels to their originality, which they create together with their brother. We can find red and white field blends "Gemischter satz" as well as single-variety wines from Veltlín, Večerky, Zweigel or Blue Portugal. This is a young progressive winery that has the best of it, so we are very happy to offer you Florian's great wines!

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