Natural Wine Shop is not just an anonymous shop. We are Tomáš and Adam, two guys who very much enjoy the world of natural wines and decided to come together and bring some that love over to You.


How did it all start?

Adam used to work as a manager of a famous restaurant Kohout NA VÍNĚ (Coq AU VIN) in Brno. Tom was a coffee roaster in Rebelbean, a specialty coffee roastery also based in Brno. The combination of working with premium materials in progressive gastronomy and respect for nature and our surroundings, are what made us want to know more about natural wine, and share this knowledge with others. 

Our collaboration started at the end of 2019 with planning the first Natural Wine Fest in Brno - a celebration of natural wine, where enthusiasts from all over Europe could gather, and make it an annual tradition. We very much enjoy the sincerity and range of flavours, colours and terroir, which an honestly made wine offers. It's not just about alcohol, but curiosity, exploration and understanding as well. That's why we decided to go a step further and open an online shop as well as a physical shop in Brno - Natural Wine Shop!



We´ll try to bring to You the best stuff we find on our wine adventures, so you could enjoy it with us! In opening every bottle of natural wine, you´ll get an unique experience from which breathes (since natural wine is still alive) manual labour of the winemaker, and spirit of the place where the grapes came from. Apart from this, we are sure to meet each other at regular tastings or pop-ups at our friends' places.


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