Petr Koráb - Živá hora

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Petr Koráb - Saint Laurent 2021
Petr Koráb - Carbonic for all 2021
Petr Koráb - Cabernet Sauvignon 2021
Petr Koráb - Ambero Orange 2021
Petr Koráb - Karmazín / Frankovka 2021 4575
Petr Koráb - Pinot Blanc 2021
Petr Koráb - Créme de Pinot Noir 2021 3741
Petr Koráb - ... its Alive 2021
Petr Koráb - Riesling Lemonade 2021
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The Petr Koráb winery can be found in Boleradice in the Velkopavlovice wine-growing sub-region, where it ecologically manages around 3 ha of vineyards. He could lead by example with his approach to viticulture. Peter is driven forward by a constantly changing nature, which brings new challenges every year and from which the wine is still not the same, but dynamic and original. Its wines can be found all over Europe and it is also very popular in renowned Copenhagen restaurants! That's why it's no wonder that getting something from Peti is almost like a miracle, hehe. Fortunately, we can offer you at least a few of his samples, which we always have in limited quantities!

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