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Donatus - Blaufränkisch 2021
Donatus - Ryzlink vlašský 2022
Donatus - Grüner Veltliner 2022 orange 5753
Donatus - Cuvée Wastenland 2022
Donatus - Riesling 2021


Josef Leisser, Peter Michalík and Eliška Leisserová, so this is a group of Donatus from Božice. A family-run winery that is part of the Svéhlaví association. They released their first wine in 2018, and since then they have moved on and on every year, 2020 is an example of this! Božice lies on the edge of the Znojmo and Mikulov regions, so the varietal composition here differs slightly from that of the Znojmo classics. You will find varieties such as Pinot Blanc, Riesling, Riesling, Zweigelt or Blaufrankisch mainly on their hectare of vineyards. In addition to them, for example, Pálava, which they process by untraditionally longer maceration on skins. The high interest of foreign distributors also testifies to how quickly they have built a good reputation in the world of natural wines. Did you know that they will export a large part of their production to Japan? God in Tokyo, that's a good flight!

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