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Jaroslav Osička is a legend! Not only among Czech naturalists, but also in the world, where you can find his wines in first-class gastronomy from Japan to Canada. He is a great promoter of ecological approach in viticulture, where he suffers mainly from biodiversity and living energy contained in the soil, and co-founder of the association Autentisté, which covers a number of great wine names. son of Robert aka Punkista who specializes in natural sects.

On his 4 hectares of land, Jaroslav mainly grows Burgundy varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir, but at the same time he likes to win with Tramín, Neuburgský, André or Riesling. The other varieties just mentioned belong to his young vineyards, which he uses so far only as ingredients in his cuvée P.A.N. or Acacia. You can visit Jaroslav's cellar during the July Rendezvous summer festival, which is held every year in Velké Bilovice, or you can experience it through its wines, which you will definitely find from us.

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