Dobrá Vinice

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Dobrá Vinice - Pinot Sv. Martina 2022 4293
Dobrá Vinice - Cuvée Národní Park 2020 3797
Dobrá Vinice - Veltlínské zelené 2020

A new addition to the Natura line, this Grüner Veltliner from vineyards in the Podyjí National Park has a honey color, full body and nut-herbal aroma, overall very "crunchy" and...

Dobrá Vinice - Sauvignon blanc magnum 2018

A wonderful example of the potential of this variety, half the wine fermented and matured in a Georgian qvevri amphorae and half in an oak barrel, then the two parts were...

Dobrá Vinice - Créme de Riesling 2020 3156
Dobra_vinice_rouge_pinot_noir_qvevri_2016 1392
Dobrá Vinice - Chardonnay 2013 qvevri 998
Dobrá Vinice - Ryzlink vlašský 2017

A little more complicated, slightly orange Riesling, which matured for 9 months on skins in 1000l of Georgian amphora qvevri and then for 12 months in oak barrels. Umami taste,...



These pioneers of natural wines and biodynamic viticulture in Moravia must definitely not be missed in our offer! The winery was founded by Petr Nejedlík in 1992 and today he runs it with his wife Andrea. You will find their cellar near Znojmo, so it is no wonder that most of their vineyards are located in the Podyjí National Park - their legendary Cuvée National Park is also established there. They make wines honestly without adding unnecessary additives. To mature the wine, they often use natural materials such as oak barrels or Georgian clay amphorae qvevri, which they were the first to bring to the Czech Republic. From Dobrá Vinice you can also taste some older vintages, which develop beautifully over time. Undoubtedly, this is a legendary Moravian winery, which should be tasted by every enthusiast of natural wines!


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